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Obwalden is centrally located, offers attractive tax rates, and has good trans­portation links. You will find an excellent net­work of suppliers and the know-how necessary for your success.

The Startup Pilatus business center offers a network of businesses in the micro-, nano- and high-tech sectors and provides ideal conditions for startup companies. In addition to modern infra­structure, you also benefit from favorable rental terms, access to a wide business net­work, and a variety of services to support you.

Your company will soon benefit from the canton’s manage­able size. Important contacts can be quickly established and main­tained. People know each other and the distances can be covered swiftly and efficiently. Authorities will share their positions and decisions even on complex matters in no time at all.

Competent and experienced trustees and law firms would be happy to support you in setting up your company.

Internationally successful companies swear by Obwalden’s advan­tages as a business location. You too should put your idea into action in Obwalden.

The Canton of Obwalden’s town hall in Sarnen
The Canton of Obwalden’s town hall has been overlooking the Sarnen village square for over 600 years.
The Startup Pilatus in Alpnach
The Startup Pilatus business center in Alpnach and Sarnen is the ideal location for your start-up company.