Inside the Engelberg Monastery

Experience Obwalden 

Dining and Culture

As one of the oldest of Switzerland’s cantons, Obwalden is rich in cultural trea­sures that are waiting to be dis­cover­ed. You will find an attrac­tive and live­ly cul­tural life here.

Unspoilt villages with historic buildings create a unique setting that invites lingering.

Mystic landmarks, such as the pilgrimage site of Flüeli-Ranft or the exact geo­graphic center of Switzerland on Älggialp, invite you to come and be amazed.

Obwalden’s cultural offer stands out by its diversity and its high level of crea­tivity. Be it exciting plays or out­standing musical events – in Obwalden, you’ll get your money’s worth.

Numerous excellent restaurants provide for your physical well-being. Come and see Obwalden’s refined cuisine for yourself.

The nearby city of Lucerne and the surrounding areas of central Switzerland addition­ally offer a wide range of museums, concert series, theaters, cinemas, and a lively night­life.

Seiler’s cheese storage with finest Obwalden cheese
Seiler’s cheese storage with finest Obwalden cheese
Castle Landenberg in Sarnen
Castle Landenberg, situated above the village of Sarnen, is the Canton of Obwalden’s landmark and its actual historical center.