The library of the Engelberg Monastery

Comprehensive educational opportunities

Education in Obwalden

The Swiss education system has a very high level inter­nationally. The canton of Obwalden offers an excellent range of schools for the primary and secon­dary levels of education, and an ideal starting point for post-secondary edu­cation.

Each community has its own public school where compulsory schooling can be com­pleted. The long-term “gymnasium” can be attend­ed and the bacca­laureate attained at the Obwalden Cantonal School in the capital of Sarnen.

The Abbey School in Engelberg even offers the possi­bility to obtain the bilingual bacca­laureate in German and Englis

The main technical colleges and uni­versities are only minutes away by train. It is also possi­ble to attend an inter­national school.

Additionally, Obwalden, with its Vocational and Continuing Edu­cation Center, offers com­prehen­sive career and continuing education deve­lop­ment opport­unities for adults.

The monastery library has been housing and maintaining the Engelberg Monastery’s books since its foundation in the 12th century.
Modern architecture for smart minds – Kantonsschule (cantonal grammar school) Obwalden in Sarnen