An attractive place to work


The right employees are the basis for every company’s success. As an em­ployer, in central Switzerland you will find a highly motivat­ed and well-trained work­force.

Without the traffic load of a large center, commutes are short and efficient. Your employees bene­fit all around from the high quality of life in the canton of Obwalden.

Obwalden itself is distinguished by specialists in the fields of pre­cision enginee­ring, micro­technology and micro­electronics.

Thanks to the high level of edu­cation and quality in Switzerland, you benefit from com­prehen­sive know-how at all levels.

craftsman in Obwalden
Whether it’s timber systems engineering, renovations, interior construction, etc., Holzbautechnik Burch AG always has a solution. They employ almost 50 people and 10 apprentices.
Rock stabilization from Obwalden
Rock stabilization by Gasser Felstechnik AG. Some 300 employees work, among others, in the areas of tunnel and shaft construction, rock and slope stabilization, or perform blasting work.