Cozy chalet in Engelberg with a view of Mt. Hahnen

Quality of life in the highest degree


Living in Obwalden is like being on vacation. Enjoy the stunning beauty of central Switzerland in quiet, idyllic sur­roundings while bene­fiting from an un­rivaled central location right in the heart of Switzerland.

Switzerland’s quality of life is ranked among the top places in the world. Obwalden easily meets these demands.

The seven communities offer diverse living situations. No matter whether you feel more comfortable in small-town surroundings or prefer to settle in a lively tourism and winter sports region – Obwalden offers you this unique selection.

Thanks to its advan­tageous location in the geo­graphic center of Switzerland and its out­standing trans­portation links, you’re only minutes away from the most important centers.

Due to the manageable size of the canton, you live in a very safe environment. People know and appreciate each other. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Obwalden enjoys one of Europe’s lowest crime rates. In Obwalden, children can walk to school without any problems. Even in Switzerland, such a high degree of quality of life is not a matter of course.

Despite or perhaps because of the canton’s modest size, privacy is highly valued in Obwalden. You can expect the highest degree of discretion from your partners and the authorities.

Obwalden offers a wide range of educational opport­uni­ties. In addition to completing regular public school, you can also obtain the bilingual baccalaureate here. Thanks to the advantageous location, access to all important universities and technical colleges is given.

Lake Wichel in Obwalden
Autumn mood at Lake Wichel; a popular place for hikers and nature lovers.
Engelberg, with Mt. Titlis in the background
Live where others enjoy their vacation – Engelberg, with Mt. Titlis in the background