Cabin magic in Engelberg
A fun hike on the Brunni in Engelberg
Flag twirling at the Swiss Yodel Festival in Sarnen

Your location in the heart of Switzerland.

The Canton of Obwalden offers ideal conditions both as a place of residence and a place of business. Let these 10 advantages convince you:

  • Attractive and consistent tax climate
  • No inheritance and gift taxes
  • High degree of safety and economic stability
  • Short and efficient decision-making paths
  • High quality of life in unique surroundings
  • Labor market with outstanding skilled workers
  • Central location and good transportation infrastructure
  • High-quality residential and commercial real estate
  • First-rate education system
  • Excellent medical care

The perfect mix makes Obwalden unique. Contact us. As the business development office in Obwalden, we’re happy to help you.

Obwaldner Start-up gewinnt den *zünder award 2021

aurora Team mit Jury

Als krönender Abschluss des *zünder accelerators 2021 pitchten am Freitag, 19. November 2021 anlässlich der *zünder award night fünf Start-ups um ein Investment von CHF 100'000 im Eventlokal Freiruum in Zug. Der *zünder award 2021 geht an das Obwaldner Start-up-Unternehmen aurora.

Medienmitteilung ITZ (PDF)

Medaillenregen für Obwaldner Bäckereien

Thomas Christen, Stefan Filliger, Regina Gut und Marco Berwert (von links)

Ob-und Nidwaldner erobern an der «Swiss Bakery Trophy» 23 Medaillen. Kantonssieger sind Marco Berwert und Thomas Christen.

Artikel OWZ (PDF)